Elliott Sound Products (ESP) has been operating since 1998, when the first articles were placed on-line.  Since then the site has grown and now includes hundreds of articles and projects for electronic enthusiasts.  Although the site is primarily about audio, there are also articles about general electronic principles, and even about clocks (mainly electric or electronic).

The overall philosophy of the site has never changed – keep to the facts, stay away from the constant efforts of the subjectivist camp to ever “improve” on what they have (almost always with expensive “tweaks” whose performance cannot be measured, only heard by people with “finely tuned ears”  😉  Music is to listen to.  Recordings are rarely perfect, the concept of reproduction ever matching a live performance is a myth.  Listen to the music, not the equipment.

To see the main index for the ESP site, just go to The Audio Pages.  I hope you enjoy your visits.

Since this blog was started, there have been many new projects added, as well as articles that cover basic electronics, amplifier design, lighting and energy and lots more.

Cheers,   Rod


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